Webcasting and Media Streaming

At one time, we all had to be in the same room to deliver the same message …so we could assemble hundreds, or even thousands, of people. This changed with live TV, but the equipment required to broadcast was enormous and unlimited. Anyone could tune in. Things have changed. The social media world is now focused, personalized, and rapid. Our teams can quickly and easily set up a web streaming solution. It’s also simple and economical. Our team can install and go live at almost any location. Our wireless equipment is compact and non-invasive. We’re here to assist. We will store your live streams for future use. Our content may be edited in a variety of ways to meet your needs.

Live video web streaming
From a simple presentations to a large scale productions, we can video stream and webcast your event live. Let us provide you with the correct technology solution.

Your content online.
Whether its a corporate news event, ground breaking at a new site, for employees or for the general public: Stream-It enables immediate participation in your event.

Stream-It brings the web conference directly to your contacts in Print, TV, Radio and Online.

Interactive: Asking questions online or a call-in allows direct communication and interaction.

Individually: Whether a closed user group, with or without prior accreditation in a virtual press conference or open – Stream-It can be implemented individually according to your requirements.

Video streaming for Nestle by st louis video production crews.
Video streaming for Nestle by St. Louis Video Production Crews.