Pre-Production and Post Production

The best people proving the best planning, skills and support. We make sure we are clear on the needs of your production by asking all the right questions and transforming that with you into the best plan of action, and the best people with the correct equipment and support. We work tirelessly to match the project’s goals and style to the correct DPs, Camera Ops and crew. We will also save you and your project time and money by assisting with pre-production where needed and then connecting the right crew with negotiated rates that are within your budget. Only when you agree that the best information and people have been put together for your project – then and only then do we move forward with lighting speed!

During post-production, our video editing team will work on your corporate video to build a video asset that meets the initial vision that we discussed during pre-production. With that initial vision in mind, our team of experienced editors will work to create a business video that tells your story.

During the post-production phase, we will evaluate the recorded video and audio footage. We will then make sure that the entire video has been recorded as planned.  Our creative crew will also put together the sound effects, visual effects, colors, audio enhancements, and sound design to finish the piece.

With almost daily updates on the latest video editing software, our edit team will efficiently complete the project and have it ready for broadcast or distribution.

Our editors and graphics artists weave together layers of images and add dialogue, sfx, and music to create well-told, motivating stories.

Maximize Your Company’s Internet Video Editing
When using your video repository such as YouTube or Vimeo for posting your videos, ensure you are utilizing the editing features that the site provides. Annotations are a good example of what you can add to your videos. Add social links and good quality photos are a must. This is a good time to put up a link and put in some information such as contact information, yes phone numbers and addresses still count. Of course also add your email and website.

Mike Haller, St Louis Video Crew Chief

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