Video Services

Lighting and Make-up

Helping light the way and making the shoot look it’s best.

We provide professional lighting and makeup services for many video productions in St Louis, Missouri.

Professional lighting is essential for producing quality video and film production.  Equally important are the wardrobe and makeup of the cast members.  We can help you with all your concerns and make you look wonderful!


Serving the St Louis video production community since 1982 with equipment and well trained professional operators to meet all your teleprompting needs.

The benefits of a teleprompter will make your production the best it can be.

  • Makes weak presenters better by encouraging them to move their heads from left to right and back, making them appear more natural
  • Helps you remain precise, which is especially important for legal considerations or staying on message
  • Quick changes with the teleprompter operator, will allow you to be as natural as possible.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer


St Louis Video Producer

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