How to Write a Script for Your Video Production

You’ve got an idea for a video production, but how do you turn that into a script? Whether you’re intending to produce an informative video or something more lighthearted and comedic, the process for writing a script is the same. A script is essentially a detailed plan of what will happen in your video and when – it’s not as scary as it sounds! Once you understand the basics, creating a script for your video is easy.

Determine the length of your script

The very first thing you need to do when creating a script is decide how long you want your video to be. If you’re creating a video for your business, you may have certain goals or outcomes you want from the video in mind, in which case you’ll need to create a video of a certain length. If you’re creating a video for fun, you may want to create a video that’s of a certain length to fit with a popular video challenge like the ASMR challenge. It’s important to know the length of your script before you begin writing so you don’t get halfway through and realize you’re trying to fit too much into too little time!

Write a Script Outline

Script brainstorming session

Once you know how long your script should be, you can begin to draft an outline of your script. There are lots of different ways to write a script outline, but the basics of all of them are the same. – Start with your introduction – What will you say to introduce your video? Your introduction should include any necessary backstory and set the scene for the video. – What is the main point of your video? What do you want your audience to walk away with? Put this at the center of your script outline. – What are your goals for the video? What do you want your audience to do or understand after watching your video? – What are the sub-points you want to include in your video? These should relate back to the main point of your video. – Is there anything else you want to cover in the video? You may have a few extra points you want to emphasize or you may want to add some humor.

Decide on Your Video’s Purpose

Once you’ve written an outline of your script, you can start to think about the purpose of your video. What do you want your viewers to take away from your video? Some videos are meant to inform, while others are meant to entertain. If you’re creating an informative video, you may want to create a how-to video, create a list, or create a product review. If you’re creating an entertaining video, you have lots of options, including creating comedy, creating a parlor trick, making a music video, or creating an ASMR video. The choice is yours and it’s important to choose a purpose before you write your script as it will affect what you write and how you write it.

Add any narration or voice-over

Voice over narration for a video script

Once you’ve got your script written and you know where you want to film, you can start to think about any narration or voice-over you want in your script. If your video is intended to be informative, you may want to include some narration in your script to help break up the content. If your video is intended to be entertaining, you may want to include a voice-over. The voice-over is essentially the same as narration but is usually done in a more comedic or lighthearted way. If you’re creating a comedy skit, you may want to include some voice-over in your script.

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