Testimonials and B-roll video production

Our crews are talented, award-winning professionals with full credentials and years of video production industry experience in network programming, documentaries and corporate video. We are a video production company that specializes in live event shooting, videotaping interviews, b-roll and commercial production. While we shoot for many home-towners in St. Louis, we also capture video for many out-of-town companies.

We have all the video production gear you need to record pitch-perfect audio, whether it’s for a voiceover added in the editing post-production process or a multi-directional microphone to capture sound from your live event. Our camera setups are perfect for feature films, commercials, high-end network videography for broadcast television, or special effects videos.

Our high-quality video lighting production kits give your producer the ultimate control over the look, mood and feel of your final video.

Mike Haller, St Louis Video Crew Chief


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